About us

Millennium Pallets is focused on meeting our customer's Quality, Service, and Pricing needs in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area.

       We specialize in New, Recycled, and Custom pallets

We offer a complete Recycling Program. We pick up pallets for NO charge at all! We have NO minimum order size or hidden fees.

Best Pricing

Our prices won't be beat! That is why Millennium Pallets offers the Five Star Guarantee.

Best Quality

At Millennium Pallets, we want you to have the BEST product on the market. That's why our workers are paid a salary, not based on the number of pallets they build.

  • Grade A Pallets
    • Locally built
    • Heat Treated
  • Grade B Pallets
    • Inspected for quality

Best Service

The service you receive from Millennium Pallets is second to none. With delivery of most orders in 24 hours,

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